March 19, 2016

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TAFESA Education & Training Options for Careers in Policing, Paralegal & Court/Justice Administration

Para-legal: the Certificate IV in Legal Services can lead to careers as a legal secretary, legal assistant or law clerk. This course is led by Lecturer Joanne Fleer, a lawyer, and provides a strong clearly defined career pathway. A significant proportion of students in this course are already working in law firms or justice agencies that send them to us to develop their skills. However this provides an informal network in the class for school leavers to identify employment opportunities as a paralegal, and they do.

Court and justice administration: the Certificate IV in Justice Studies and Diploma in Justice Administration can lead to careers in justice agencies such as the Courts Administration Authority, Attorney Generals Department and Legal Services Commission. These courses are led by Principal Lecturer Margaret Barron, a lawyer, and can articulate into (and together with suitable work experience contribute credits to) degree level studies at Flinders University and University of South Australia.

Policing: at the end of last year the new Certificate III in Police Studies was launched by Deputy Police Commissioner Gary Burns. This 9 unit course runs as either a 10 week intensive course or a semester long on-line course (or longer part time) and was designed by TAFE in collaboration with SAPOL as preparation for a career in policing.
If recruited the Certificate III provides a solid foundation for Police Cadet and Probationary Constable training (total 2 years at a salary of over $40,000 p.a.) and further study that leads to the Advanced Diploma in Policing and degree level studies at UniSA. The study/career pathway for policing is attached.
Although designed for SAPOL the course is also suitable as a preparatory course for other enforcement, compliance and protective services roles e.g. border security, rangers, inspectors etc.
The course is delivered by a team comprising lawyers and former senior police officers with extensive police training and policing experience. For a detailed article on preparing for a career in policing go to and if it is not on the home page scroll down to news archive and find it in there. From this point there are links to additional pages.

Security & investigation: offering entry level qualifications that meet the licensing requirements for crowd controllers, guards and private investigators

Local government (administration, regulatory services, and planning support): a range of qualifications at various levels are available for those interested in careers in local government. These qualifications can also articulate into degree level studies.

Justice & Policing Studies Options for Year 12s in 2010 (Word .doc)

TAFE SA Justice & Policing Studies Qualifications (Word table)