March 19, 2016

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The LETASA Wiki is our main space to share ideas and resources. The vast majority of our teaching resources, for Stage 1 & 2 Legal Studies, and our new collection of Civics and Citizenship resources, are stored here. All the resources are contributed by past and present LETASA members. If you would like to contribute some resources to the Wiki, please log in to find out how.

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Adelaide Excursion Opportunities ….. 

Book a visit to the Adelaide Magistrates Court

Book a self-guided visit to the Adelaide Magistrates Court. Appropriate for primary and secondary school students.

Visit Old Adelaide Gaol

School tours have resumed of Old Adelaide Gaol, with a new program called “Adelaide Gaol Unlocked”. You can book through their website, or alternately, contact the Gaol’s Education Officer, Michelle Russell, on 8231 4062, or at



Teaching Resources

The teaching resources featured below will change occasionally. For a more comprehensive collection of resources, please log in to the Wiki (see above).

Student Activities

For some online learning activities, please click on the link above. Available through the “Student Learning” page.


The glossary is a comprehensive list of legal terminology used in the Stage 1 and 2 Courses. For both teachers and students.

Out of Bounds App

The Out of Bounds App is an educational and interactive app about laws relating to sexting, cyberbullying and age of consent in South Australia. The app has been specifically designed as a resource to develop understanding and prevent confusion regarding these laws in an increasingly online and interconnected world. The app was developed by the Law Society of South Australia in collaboration with the University of Adelaide, and generously funded by the Law Foundation of SA.

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LETASA have created a Facebook group to allow easy communication with other Legal Studies/Civics and Citizenship teachers from around the state. It’s designed to  be a place where people can ask questions, share resources, and discuss and highlight current legal issues.

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** Featured Resource of the Month (February/March, 2017) ** 


The ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) have recently updated their teaching resources that are available to Australian teachers. After a change to “business-to-business unfair contract terms law” in November of 2016, they have updated their “Unfair selling practises” module.

The ACCC has 12 online modules, 10 of which have online quizzes that your students can take. They are designed to be incorporated into your current programs, with no background in consumer or competition law necessary.

To have a look at these resources, please follow this link:

Professional Papers

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